The Warming of the Winter

Greetings and a happy new year to you all!

Things have been quiet in Orlando. Rachel and I have been enjoying the weather, adjusting to our new temporary lives as non-busking, non-pidgin-Italian speaking Floridians, and spending almost all of our time working on new songs and new arrangements. And as the songs keep piling up, it seemed important to keep in touch with some aspect of performance. Since my brother Justin was in town, we thought it would be fun to have him film us performing. So a few days after Christmas we headed out and found a nice spot to play a few new tunes.

The first is one of my new songs, “Two Little Clementines.” I wrote most of it in various cars, trains and airports, and we worked on the harmonies walking the streets of Bologna. We didn’t finish the arrangement until the rain hit us in Perugia, and it took another few weeks of practicing it to really nail it down.

Next up is “Looking Up,” which was written by Rachel. This is actually the first original song of either of ours that we worked on together, and it took several months of tweaking before we were both happy with it. I started on the harmony rather than the melody, and at some point we flopped parts and changed keys, and that’s where it’s remained since.

You might be familiar with “Video Games.” You could hardly avoid it when we were in Italy, nor the images of its writer and singer, Lana Del Rey, who seemed to be peering out of every sandwich board in every train station in the country. We learned the song for our friend James, who had a birthday shortly after we arrived in Orlando.

And lastly, we’d like to thank YOU, yes, YOU for reading about our experiences this year. We’re hoping for great things over the next few months, and hope that you’ll stay along for the ride. And most importantly, love and a wonderful new year to you all!

Videos filmed and edited by Justin Andrew Robinson.

1 comment
  1. Alice Williams said:

    Nice to hear you again, Rachel. I enjoy reading about your adventures, too.
    Happy New Year!

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